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Friday, February 22, 2008

Backup and Restore your Outlook emails easily

It is good practice to make a backup of your important data regularly. And even otherwise, you would want to backup your Outlook emails and contacts when you are sending that old PC for an upgrade. This helps you get all those emails and contacts back to Outlook easily and neatly, without much work.

Let’s take a quick look at how Outlook keeps your personal data. The new versions of Microsoft Outlook use a format called “Microsoft Office Outlook Personal Folder” file, or “PST” file. This file contains all your Outlook folders including Inbox, Calendar and Contacts. This is the file which you need to backup in order to back up all of your Outlook information.

Here’s how you can backup your emails from Microsoft Outlook 2007:
  • First, you will have to locate the PST file. With Microsoft Outlook 2007 open, go to File and select Data File Management.

  • On the Data File tab, you should see a list of your Personal Folder files that Outlook has created for you. Select one of them and click “Open Folder”. This will open the Outlook folder where the PST files are stored.
  • Select the PST or “Microsoft Office Outlook Personal Folder” files in the folder, one of which should be “Outlook.pst”.
  • Copy the files to a backup location in another hard drive, or even better, burn it on a CD.
Now, whenever you want to restore the backup files, you can do that by simply copying the backup PST files back to the same folder. And to locate that folder, follow the same first two steps above.

Safe and easy it is!

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