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Friday, February 29, 2008

Be your own Journalist – start a Blog

Yes, we all have heard of it. Many of us may already have one. But yet, we didn’t know it is now very easy to create one of our own.

The concept of writing a personal blog is very much an old one. The early bloggers started posting even before the Y2K craze of the year 2000. But that was the time when the online freedom of speech was only accessible to tech geeks. To have a website or a personal webpage at that time wasn’t so easy for the non-techies until recent times. For common internet users, if they wanted to have a personal website, they had to have knowledge of all that HTML, or Java or...Hoof! Let’s stay away from those for now!

Getting to the basics of what a Blog is; a blog (also called weblog, from combing the words web and log) is a personal webpage or pages which has entries or posts in reverse chronological order. It is more like an online personal diary for some, and a platform to communicate ideas and thoughts to the world on a particular subject for others. What’s special about a blog is that it allows interactivity between the blogger and his/her readers. While the blogger publishes thoughts, the readers can give feedback by commenting on the posts. Even more, a blogger can post photos, videos, music, audio or podcasts picked from around the web or even a creative work of his own.

For an idea, is a website in the form of a blog. It has weekly posts of articles that have been published in the Pattaya Mail newspaper.

There are many free and paid blogging tools provided out there, some of the common ones being, and Take a look at all of them and get a idea of what it is all about. These websites have a simple walk-through in setting up a blog making it very easy for you. For starters, you might want to look at’s easy to set-up and easy to customize blogging tool.

Let’s get it started; creating a blog with
  • Log on to and click on Create Your Blog Now.
  • You will be asked to create an account and provide some information. If you already have a Google or a Gmail account, you can use the same email as your account as well. Your Display Name will be the name which will be used at the end of every post or in every comment you write on someone else’s blog. Once you’re done, click Continue.
  • Next, choose a nice Blog title and an easy-to-remember Blog address. Be creative but at the same time, use short and simple keywords which say something about the subject of your blog. The Blog address will look something like Make sure it is available for grabs.
    You have an option of going advanced if you decide to host your blog on a domain name that you already own, just like But for a starter, I suggest you go with the basic option of having your blog hosted with It will be easier to manage and maintain for beginners.
    Chosen your Blog address? Click Continue.
  • Now, choose a template that suits the subject of your blog. If you are going to be writing about Nature, you would want to have your blog based on green color. Again, be creative but simple. You can customize this template or switch to another template later as well. Click Continue.
  • Your Blog is now created! Clicking Start Posting will take you to the Create Post page. Creating a post is as easy as writing an email. Explore the tools available. Once you’re done with writing your first post, click Publish Post. Go to your Blog address and you will find your first blog post there!
  • Click on all the tabs above to get an idea of the tools available for you to enhance your blog. You can customize the template, fonts and colors in the Layout tab.
If you have questions or want advice, feel free to comment them below or write to All feedback is welcome!

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Till then… Tata ;-)

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