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Friday, March 14, 2008

Five Reasons why Gmail stands among them all

Gmail has become a part of our lives. A big one for many. And for those who don’t have an account yet, here’s what you are missing:

  • Space. Lots of space.
    6497 MB available to you as of today, and counting! This is as close as it gets to having unlimited space. Ask your friend to send you emails with attachments of 10 MB a day and it would still take him 2 years to fill up your mailbox. My own Gmail mailbox has over 2500 emails and yet it never crossed the 5% mark. Gmail is very generous at this feature so why not take advantage of this? Never delete emails again. Use this as your email backup. Or how about using Gmail as your virtual 6.5GB Flash Drive?

  • POP? Free. IMAP? Yes, Free.
    The feature we always wished for with free web-based email is to be able to download emails to your emailing software on your computer like MS Outlook. Gmail lets you do just that with POP download feature. The best part, its Free!

    The same for IMAP. Don’t download but sync your emails on your computer, laptop or even your mobile phone through the IMAP feature. Every action is automatically synchronized with all your devices. Mobile users can check their mail by pointing their browser to

    There’s more. You can even download emails from other accounts that you have POP access to Gmail mailbox. This allows you to check multiple email accounts from one location.

  • Speed
    With the standard version of Gmail, it’s almost as quick to check your mails as you were doing with the email software on your computer. The web-based email is fast and highly responsive. Try your hand at it and find out if it’s fast enough for you.

  • Kick spam in the face
    Spam and junk mails are the annoying part of our communication life. Get rid of it. Gmail is very effective when it comes to blocking unwanted messages. To my experience, Gmail leads at this feature. It can never be a 100% clean mailbox, but for Gmail, 99% is possible.
  • Forgot that mail? Search it!
    We love Google and we know it’s the best search engine on the planet. Use the same technology to search your email. Looking for an email sent to you 2 years ago? Remember what it was about, put in those keywords, and let Gmail search feature find it in a flash!
Other features that will help make your communication life better may include archiving emails, auto-saving into Drafts as you compose a new mail, chatting with your contacts from the mailbox itself, really “Quick Contacts”, displaying emails of same context in a group or “conversations”, and countless more… Judge it yourself and let us know what you think about it.

Just for Geeks
Why not backpack your ideas, to-do lists, notes, clippings, photos and have them on the go? Check out this really cool organizer tool -

Till Then... Tata ;-)

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  • I definitely agree that Gmail is one of the best email clients out there! Here is a video tutorial that covers some of the items discussed in this post.

    Not only do you get all the great benefits discussed above, you also get a set of valuable online tools for FREE which you can access with your Gmail account

    a. Calendar - online calendar to help you stay organized, which you can also share with friends. Here is another video tutorial, this time about how to use Google Calendar.

    b. Docs - tools to create, import, or export your own documents, spreadsheets, and presentations online.

    c. iGoogle - allows you to personalize your Google search page so you can add "gadgets" to view your emails, calendar events, stocks, movie listings, weather, facebook, etc. from a single page.

    Hani Mourra
    EZ Tech Tips

    By Blogger Hani Mourra, At July 18, 2008 2:40 AM  

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