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Friday, March 7, 2008

Hate slow downloads? Let download manager help you

It gets very frustrating when you come across some interesting and useful downloads online and it takes just way too long to download them. We always blame it on our poor internet connection speed. Yes, we've all been there. And when you sit and wait for that download bar indicator on your screen trying to fill it up with the tiny boxes and suddenly the internet connection just cuts off. Aaah! What a pain!

Wish you had a way to overcome this?

What you need is a download manager and there are a lot of them that are doing a good job in solving download frustrations. One of most popular and the one that I would recommend is FlashGet.

Unlike the default download feature on your system, with FlashGet, if your internet decides to take a walk or you decide to shut down your computer, the download is automatically paused and can be continued when the connection returns or when the computer is switched back on. But what's more important is the way FlashGet can enhance the download speed greatly. It can split the file being downloaded into multiple parts and download each part simultaneously. So, if you're downloading a 3 MB file, the download manager can split the file into parts of 1 MB each and download them in parallel, increasing the speed by up to 3 times!

FlashGet can also help you download multiple files at the same time and you can easily manage the download list on a single interface.

So, let's get started. First we shall download the latest version of FlashGet from Of course, you will have to bear the pain just "one-last-time" for this 4 MB download. Patience is a virtue!

Installing the application is quick and easy. Just follow the instructions provided.

If you happen to be a Mozilla FireFox fan, to use any download manager you also need to install an Extension called FlashGot. Get it easily from

Once the installation is done, you will notice a small white box with FlashGet logo on the top-right corner of your screen. This box is called the DropZone. Whenever you want to download something, all you have to do is drag the download link into this box and it will start downloading the file automatically.

If the DropZone is not what you like, get it out of your sight by right-mouse clicking on it and unclick "Show DropZone". Now to download something: just right-mouse click on that link and select "Download with FlashGet" for Internet Explorer users and "FlashGot Link" for FireFox users.

Files are downloaded to the "Downloads" folder on your C Drive by default. To change this, go to Tools > Default Download Properties and change "Save to:" to your preferred location.

Have fun downloading!

Question from Mario:
How to change the language to English if the FlashGet interface was installed with Thai languange by default?

FlashGet supports multiple languages but it becomes a trouble when the program sets the local language automatically. However, there are two ways to fix this. The usual way is to go to the View menu which is next to the File and Edit menu, but of course it’s all in Thai! Well, if you want to give it a try, blindly click on the third menu and you will see "Language" (luckily, this is in English), and select "English" under this menu.

The second way to work around this may seem a little technical, but it’s easy actually. Go to C:\Program Files\FlashGet\Language and you will see a list of FlashGet languange files. Delete all of them except for the one named "JCENG". Restart your FlashGet and it won't look "french" to you again!

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Till Then... Tata ;-)

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