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Friday, April 4, 2008

Living Life Online

It has been too long since we remember the time we created our first email account, leave alone learning how to connect with a Dial-up connection. Since then, we’ve come a long way. Today, the moment we sit at a computer, there's a least chance we're not connected.

Thanks to the rapid growth in technology, the internet speed is becoming closer to the speed of light day by day. With this effect, the line between "offline" and "online" rapidly thins down, making the majority of our lives "online".

Sure, everything is going online. Our childhood videos, our graduation pictures, our personal diary, we’ve already posted them there. We explore the entire planet's surface from the same screen we check our emails. And what about those essential tasks you do every day when you are offline?

Like Microsoft Word, Excel or Power Point, these basic applications that you use every day in your offices or at home can be found in plenty online. And most of them are free! Yes, it's true. You have most features and functionality just as you had it with those offline applications. Additionally, we can share documents, photos, audios and videos with friends to view and enjoy or collaborate with co-workers to edit and approve. This wasn't possible in offline mode. And Hey! Don’t forget, it’s free! No more buying and installing those expensive softwares.

Another practical use of these online applications is that it is an anytime-anywhere tool. Tired of carrying your laptops with your favourite software when you travel? As long as you can find a nice cyber cafe, you don’t need to worry about those softwares ever.

How does that sound? Here’s a list of online alternatives to your favourite softwares you should fall in love with. Enjoy!

Microsoft Office

Google Docs -
Write documents online with this amazing word processing tool. The best part with Google Docs is you can store documents online and access them to view or edit anytime from anywhere. You can also share with a friend and allow him/her to edit the same document.

Microsoft Excel

Google Docs (Spreadsheet) -
Accounting is made easier and mobile for you; create spreadsheets with this tool.

Microsoft Power Point

Google Docs (Presentation) -
Create presentations, share with people or invite them to watch it at the same time. All this online!

Equally as good, you might also want to take a look Preezo -

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop Express -
Very recently launched (in beta mode), a free web-based photo editing tool.

Another option is
Splash Up

Microsoft Outlook

Gmail -
You can download emails from other accounts to Gmail via POP just like any offline email applications.

Instant Messengers:
MSN, Yahoo!, Gtalk, ICQ and AIM

Meebo -
An all-in-one instant messaging tool; login to any of your chat services right from one location.

Adobe Acrobat Professional

Doc2PDF -
Nothing can be easier than this! Use this to convert a Word document into PDF format. Very quick and easy.


InstaCal -
Calculation of complex mathematics or conversion of currency, weight, length, etc. can all be done here.

Just for Geeks
Bring family closer; build a family tree, create timelines and share photos with Geni –

Till next week… Tata ;-)

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