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Friday, January 25, 2008

What ELSE you could do with

Searching online is fun, when you know you’re going to get what you’re looking for in seconds. Most of us trust and use Google for almost everything online. You may not know that Google offers you even more than just plain searching. Try these tricks and I’m sure you will enjoy Google even more!

Google: Your World Clock
Google can help you find the time of any location around the world. All you have to do is type “location time” into the search box and you’ll get the exact current time of that location. For example, type “Lisbon time” and you should get the current time in Lisbon, Portugal.

Google: Your Quick Currency Converter

Type “2.99 USD in THB” and you would get the value of $2.99 in Thai Baht currency. Don’t know the code for that currency? Just type “2.99 US money in Thai money”. That would fix it. Neat!

Google: Your Calculator
Even when you cannot find the calculator on your desk, Google can help you. Do a quick calculation, right there in the same search box. Type “1234+5678” and you should get “6912”. Go ahead, try something more complex.

Google: Your Weather Forecaster
Just like time, type location and “weather” and Google will give you a 4-days weather forecast of that location.

Just for Geeks
Think you’re fast at typing? Check your speed at

Till Then... Tata ;-)

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Friday, January 18, 2008

Explore your keyboard - the time saver!

Wonder how you could speed up your day-to-day work on your computer and rest your eyes and save time for your family and friends? To get started, I have here, simple tips for office people who want to shorten their time in getting tasks done.

We all are experts at multi-tasking when sitting on a computer. Ever been in a situation where you find yourself having a whole lot of programs open at a time? And at some point, you wanted to get rid of everything that’s blocking the view of your Desktop icons likes My Computer, My Documents or just files on the Desktop. Many of us do that by clicking on the “Show Desktop” button next to the “Start” button on your taskbar. Try the easier way just by pressing and holding the Windows key (between Ctrl and Alt keys) and press “M”. Done with Desktop? Press and hold the Windows key, Shift key and “M” and you should find all of those open or “maximized” programs back on your screen. What a life saver!

Try some more shortcuts below:

Getting started…

Alt + Tab

Toggles between open programs
Use this when 2 or more programs are open and you want to switch from one to another

Ctrl + Tab

Toggles between open documents in the same program
Different from Alt+Tab, use this when 2 or more documents are open within the same program and you want to switch from one document to another

Alt + F4

Quits any open program – works for shutting down Windows too!
Exactly like the “X” button on the top-right corner of every Windows program, use this to close any program

Ctrl + F4

Closes only the current document
Use this when you want to close only the current open document and not the program altogether

While editing text…

Ctrl + C*


Ctrl + X*


Ctrl + V*


Ctrl + B


Ctrl + I


Ctrl + U


Ctrl + Z*


Ctrl + A*

Select All

Ctrl + P


Ctrl + Left or Right Arrow

Move the blinking cursor left or right skipping one word at a time

Shift + Left or Right Arrow

Make text selection one word at a time

* Can be used while dealing with files and folders as well

While dealing with files and folders…


Rename a file


Open Find tool to search for files or folders in your computer

While surfing the web…


Refreshes the current webpage

Alt + Left Arrow*
or just Backspace

Go back to previous page

Alt + Right Arrow*

Go forward one page

Esc (Escape Button)

Stops the page immediately from loading

Alt + Home

Go to your Homepage


Go back to the top of a webpage


Go directly to the bottom of a webpage

Ctrl + N

Open a new browser window

Ctrl + Enter

Automatically put the preceding “http://www.” and succeeding “.com” when typing a website address in the Address Bar

Shift + Click on a link

Open the link in a new browser window

Ctrl + D

Add or bookmarks the current webpage to your Favorites

* Works well while dealing with files and folders too

Getting used to these shortcuts can really make life easier, giving back to you all that time you needed to catch a movie with your family.

Just for Geeks
Don’t like small text size while surfing the web? While on a website, roll your mouse wheel upward while holding the Ctrl key and see what happens!

Till then… Alt+F4!

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